The key design feature for the impressive efficiency of the CentriFlow 3D is the newly developed mix flow impeller.

This delivers a natural air flow inside the air handling unit where the air stream is not disconnecting from the blade surface either on vacuum or pressure side - assuring minimum turbulence, maximum dynamic pressure conversion and the lowest possible noise level.

The impeller has computer designed and CFD optimized hollow aerofoil profiled blades. The CentriFlow 3D plug fans are available in 12 sizes ranging from 250 to 900 mm in diameter. The fans can be delivered with various motor types – AC, PM and EC.

Plug & Play solutions are available but the frequency converter can be supplied also loose – according to your needs. CentriFlow 3D reaches air flow up to 60.000 m³/h and the fans can easily be selected by the Centriware fan selection programme available on the web. A DLL programme is also available.

  • Unique mix flow impeller designed for optimised system efficiency
  • High precision CFD designed hollow aerofoil profiled blades, guarantees consistently high performance
  • Lowest noise level on inlet and outlet
  • 12 sizes ranging from 250 up to 900 mm in diameter
  • Up to 60.000m³/h and 2.500 Pa
  • Available with PM, AC and EC motor
  • Available in horisontal and vertical models
  • Plug & Play solutions