Styccobond B95: High Performance, Flexible Wood Flooring Adhesive  


STYCCOBOND B95 is a high performance, one part, flexible, moisture curing polyurethane adhesive used for installing a wide range of wood floorcoverings. It is non-flammable and is quick setting to develop a high bond strength. It is protected against bio-degradation and suitable for use over normal underfloor heating.
STYCCOBOND B95 can be used for securing engineered boards (semi-solids) and a wide range of plank and wood strip flooring.


  • Pack size 8kg plastic bucket 15kg plastic bucket 1kg foil / sausage - 15 per carton
  • Shelf life 9 months in unopened buckets and stored under good conditions. 24 months in foil sausage.
  • Opening Up to 20 minutes depending on temperature, humidity and absorbency of the subfloor
  • Colour(s) Beige
  • Coverage 800g/m2 with a B3 or 3mm x 6mm trowel or 1000g/m2 with a B11 trowel 1.0m2 - 2.0m2 applied at 125 - 250mm centres