Other Mixed Colour Blends  


Why not create your own mixed colour blend, by selecting your own combination of colours from any of  the  Dreadnought ranges of  clay roof tiles? Mixing some blue tiles with multi coloured brindle tiles for example will add depth and texture to the roofscape.

For reroofing and colour matching, sometimes a single colour just doesn't provide a close enough match to the original whereas a combination of colours works much better.  Normally some combination of Dreadnought colours will provide a close match. 

The best way to select a mixed colour blend is to lay out colour samples in various combinations on site. Seeing existing roofs will also give you a good indication, and we can supply you with a list of sites to visit.

In our experience, the more successful blends are those where there is a dominance of one colour rather than being mixed 50:50.