DELTA® Floraxx / Floraxx Top  


Water-retaining drainage sheet for perfect green roofs. Innovative octagonal dimples for outstanding compressive strength. One sheet for drainage and water storage. Easy and quick to lay out straight from the roll.

DELTA®-FLORAXX is used on inverted roofs to drain water away from insulation panels under accessible surfaces. Thanks to its breathable perforation and its dimples, water and air may circulate freely on the underside so that no co-herent film of water can form on the insulation. This sheet may be used in extensively planted as well as in accessible inverted roofs covered with paving stones or slabs.

  • Material(s) Dimpled HDPE sheet, perforated, with fused-on PP geotextile (DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP) dimpled HDPE sheet, perforated (DELTA®-FLORAXX)
  • Thermal resistance - 30 °C to + 80 °C
  • Stud height pprox. 20mm
  • Roll length 2m x 20m / 2m x 10m
  • Compressive strength (permanent loading) 200 kN/m2
  • Drainage capacity 10 l/s · m

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