dp-limitless Senoplast designs are distinguishable by excellent scratch and scour resistance and high UV resistance and are now available in quantities as low as one board.

Glass fronts are an increasing trend within the furniture industry. The Senoplast solution offers a high quality surface with many advantages. Newly developed Acryl Glass is a coextruded material giving the appearance and depth of a real glass finish which combined with its high gloss level delivers all the aesthetic advantages of real glass with the processing and practical advantages of Senoplast.

In addition to the ever popular high gloss acrylic finishes, more and more customers are demanding matt surfaces. Offering a supermatt smooth surface with the added benefits of scratch and scour resistant provided by TopX, these anti-finger print designs are setting a bench mark in the industry.

Areas of application extend from furniture surfaces for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and office environment to shop fitting, and architectural solutions.
All products are supplied with a protective film.

  • Abrasion resistance