Cosyfloor (R & D Marketing Ltd)

Cosyfloor (R & D Marketing Ltd)

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R&D Marketing (demista™) Ltd. Land House Anyards Road Cobham Surrey KT11 2LW

Tel: 01932 866600 Fax: 01932 866688

Cosyfloor™ comfort heating is a system that can be simply installed on any solid based floor, both in new build and existing areas. Beautiful but cold surfaces such as tiles, marble, natural stone and hardwood are transformed into inviting warm floors even on the coldest of days.

The matting silently warms the surface of the floor to an even temperature giving a gentle, glowing warmth with the ultimate comfort. Particularly suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and similar areas having naturally cold surfaces, Cosyfloor™ gives that added touch of luxury where and when most required.

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