CS Wallglaze Hygienic Coatings: CS Wallflex  


A versatile hygienic coating system, which is suitable for use in both dry and 'wet' environments. The system offers high chemical and abrasion resistance and anti-microbial properties.

  • Material(s) Solvent free polyurethane coating
  • Colour(s) White or coloured (can be supplied in any BS 4800, RAL Classic and NCS 2nd series colour as standard, or matched to project requirements).
  • Finish/effect/texture Eggshell
  • Special features Anti-microbial properties in all system layers; can be decontaminated from radioactivity
  • Suitability/use Operating theatres, category 1, 2 and 3 clean rooms/labs; kitchens; bathrooms; swimming pool hall walls/ceilings