PrismStone® decorative surfacing system  


PrismStone™ from Clearstone is a smooth porous surfacing used to reproduce bespoke logos, designs, patterns, motifs, numbers, letters or any decorative feature for playgrounds, pool surrounds and town centres. PrismStone™ comprises decorative powder-coloured quartz aggregates, which are available in various shades ranging from subtle pastels to bright primary hues.

PrismStone™ resin-bound surfaces can be laid on existing concrete or asphalt, or installed as a new surfacing course in new construction projects. They are cold-mixed on site and hand-trowelled to a seamless, smooth surface. They can be laid in curves or angles to a depth of 15 to 18mm.

The company Clearstone offers a single point of responsibility from design through to the completion of a project, with the technical knowledge and experience to control the whole process. The team can advise on site preparation, aftercare and maintenance. It can provide specifications for the design loading, whether foot traffic, domestic vehicles, or car park or access road traffic.

  • Geotextile water permeability
  • Permeability
  • Recyclable content
  • Slip/skid resistance