Cembrit Unipan  


Showers, walls and wet rooms are largely finished floor to ceiling in ceramic tiles as they are easy to clean and stop the build-up of mould and rot, while keeping the area fresh and healthy. However water in the form of vapour can still permeate through the wall covering and damage the boarding behind. Cembrit Unipan has been designed specifically to be strong and dimensionally stable, key characteristics for rooms with large fluctuations in humidity and temperature. The combination of low weight composition and short, 900mm length makes Cembrit Unipan easy to handle in confined spaces. As well as offering a defence against damage from damp, it inhibits mould growth, achieving the highest ratings for resistance to fungus according to ASTM G 21(no growth) and in laboratory tests to ASTM D 3273 mould growth on surface (Score of 10).

  • Thickness 12.5mm
  • Width(s) 1200mm
  • Length(s) 900mm
  • Weight 15.5kg
  • Density 1200Kg/m3