B5 Corrugated Sheet  


B5 Fibre-cement corrugated sheet is a replacement for the standard 3 inch profile corrugated sheet.

The B5 metric corrugation profile is a more modern profile than the traditional 3 inch profile so can be used to a lower pitch and with smaller overlaps. The sheets are approximately 40% wider, offering a better coverage per sheet. B5 is available in 14 lengths from 4' to 10' 6". B5 can be used to refurbish buildings clad in 3 inch sheets utilising ‘existing purlin centres’. All existing 3 inch sheets need to be removed, it is not possible to replace individual 3 inch sheets with B5.

  • Material(s) Fibre Cement
  • Length(s) Available in 14 lengths from 4' to 10' 6"
  • Colour(s) Tile Red, Spanish Red, Laurel Green, Olive Green, Mocca, Van Dyke Brown, Cloud Grey, Blue, Blue/Black, Black, Natural Grey
  • Special features Accessories available