Type G Horizontal Abutment Cavitray: Type G  


Preformed dpc units for building into cavity masonry above horizontal roof connections. Supplied with attached flashing and adjustable cavity width upstand

  • Dimensions To suit all masonry modules (brick, block, stone etc), dimensions vary pending type and pitch of roof
  • Material(s) Petheleyne + lead or synthetic flashing option
  • Colour(s) Unit black. Flashing natural lead colour or grey, terracotta or black synthetic options.
  • Finish/effect/texture Once built in only the naturally coloured flashing is visible
  • Special features Performance warranted system and awarded Euriopean Technical Approval - not held by any other company in the UK for this product type. Cavity upstand adjusts to suit wide range of cavity widths ensuring compatibility
  • Suitability/use Domestic, commercial and educational projects where flat roofs abut masonry.