Bluedec ®  


Bluedec ® is a flexible, nanoporous aerogel blanket insulation that reduces energy loss while conserving interior space in residential and commercial building applications.

Bluedec ® unique properties – extremely low thermal conductivity, superior flexibility, compression resistance, hydrophobicity, and ease of use – make it essential for those seeking the ultimate in thermal protection.

Using patented nanotechnology, Bluedec ® insulation combines a silica aerogel with reinforcing fibers to deliver industry-leading thermal performance in an easy-to-handle and environmentally safe product.

Bluedec ®is a proven, effective insulator in building applications, providing the highest R-value of any insulation material for maximum energy efficiency in walls, floors, roofs, framing, and windows. 

  • Thickness * 0.20 in (5 mm), 0.40 in (10 mm)
  • Max ambient temperature 390°F (200°C)
  • Colour(s) White
  • Density 9.4 lb/ft3 (0.15 g/cc)
  • Size 57 in (1,450 mm) wide