Nova: Pivoting Glass Security Door  


Nova: a glass pivoting security door that bridges outside to in. The Nova door represents a new aesthetic concept for architectural pivot doors.

The door's large glazed surface creates a stunning entrance, coupling glass and aluminium to incredible aesthetic effect. With Class 3 Break-In Resistance and thermal values as low as 0.98w/m2k, the Nova door marries function and form together offering a state-of-the-art entrance solution. 

Hidden pivot hinges make Nova a beautifully balanced door that is a joy to operate. Specifiable up to 6.3m high and 3.5m wide, the door can easily become part of a large wall or glass facade, suitable for offices, homes, and showrooms alike.

Allowing those inside a space to view the outside with ease, the door's cleverly-designed vertical handle lies flush with the frame, and the door closes flush-to-wall, creating a sleek, architectural aesthetic. 

  • Wind load resistance Up to C5
  • Water tightness to driving rain up to class 3A
  • Air-tightness (EN 12207) Up to 4
  • Acoustic damping value 39dB
  • U-value 0.6
  • Security/Burglar resistance (ENV 1627 – ENV 1630) Class 3 / SR3