Albed: Quadra Bilico  


With the minimal framing convenience that only a pivot door can provide, Quadra Bilico maintains a simple and minimalist luxury design. As a door it has purpose within an interior space, and when closed fits flush-to- wall to become part of the overall aesthetic of a room. Quite simply, it’s an inspirational alternative to traditionally designed interior doors.

Bespoke material options offer a luxury aesthetic with an exquisite façade of single or double glass, wood, or RAL lacquer and aluminium hardware to choose from. A special “reflex-glass” option, which becomes transparent or mirrored depending on the room’s light, is another impressive material option. Quadra’s streamlined look and smooth two-directional double acting pivot operation lets users make a grand entrance into any room, serving as a sensible choice for creating a stylish impression on an interior space.