Blackburns A-Cast®  


Blackburns A-Cast® is the perfect material for designers looking to create a visual impact for a product, company or brand. Offering both form and function for applications across a number of sectors, Blackburns A-Cast® is a principal product for signage, point-of-sale and the shopfitting industries.

Blackburns A-Cast® clear transmits 93% of visible light, offering a clarity that is superior to all other thermoplastic sheet materials and glass, with virtually no colour bias. Also available in a green tint to provide the appearance of glass, Blackburns A-Cast® has the advantage of being half the weight and having five times the impact strength.

While a complementary range of transparent, translucent and opaque colours, produced from pure colour pigments, is available from stock, Blackburns A-Cast® sheets can also be colour-matched to a sample, Pantone or RAL reference, in order to meet a particular customer requirement or specification.