Smoke Vent UDF-50REM: UDF-50REM  


BILCO Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators are manufactured to comply with all the latest regulations including the Construction Products Regulation 305/2011. All standard vents are supplied CE-marked and with a Declaration of Conformity, and are manufactured to meet the demands of Building Regulations, Approved Document B, BS9999 and BS EN12101-2 (shown without wind deflector).

Linear actuators open the covers to the fire open position of 90 degrees within 60 seconds.

Curb-mounted junction box with terminal block enclosed for power cable connection.

Built-in wind deflector to protect open vent against wind loads.

Newly-designed closed-cell EPDM sponge gasket, helps meet Building Regulations air leakage targets by providing a better seal of the cover to the curb, ensuring complete weathertightness.

Entire vent shall be weathertight with fully-welded corner joints on cover and curb.

Fully-insulated cover and curb for maximum energy efficiency.

Curb features the Bil-Clip® Flashing System, an innovative method to quickly and easily secure single-ply roofing material to BILCO roof products.


UDF-50REM 1500x1620mm
Overall size: 1728x1848mm  / weight: 215kg / clear vent area: 1.5m²

UDF-50REM CL 1500x1620mm (with curb liner) 
Overall size: 1728x1848mm  / weight: 230kg / clear vent area: 1.5m²

(Fabricated to special size requirements)

  • Material(s) Cover and frame are 3mm Aluminium
  • Finish/effect/texture Mill finish Aluminium