Tall revolving doors: TALL Doors  


Tall Revolving Doors

Stately and unique. Those are the words that best describe these specially developed entrance types by Bauporte. Entrances that exude what the customer wants to exude in their building. These buildings are designed almost exclusively by world-famous architects. Bauporte therefore ensures that these buildings always ‘start’ with unique entrances and that details of the building flow over into the revolving doors.

Many buildings in large cities all have the same types of entrance doors. Often, you cannot tell whether you’re walking into a hotel, office or hospital, while colour and execution are what really make the difference. And why choose a standard solution when custom work is within arm’s reach? With Bauporte, many architects have broken the trend and made doors entirely their own; with Tall Doors, Bauporte always spins it the right way!

Your revolving doors are configured to your every wish. A few options:

  • Manually operated or automatic
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Suited for escape routes or emergency exits
  • Fire-resistant, bullet-proof, explosion-resistant
  • Burglar-resistant class RC 2,3,4

  • Dimensions From diameter 1500 mm and desired height.
  • Material(s) Stainless steel, aluminiium, copper, bronze, wood.
  • Colour(s) All colours and various surface treatments.
  • Finish/effect/texture Stainless steel, aluminiium, copper, bronze, wood.
  • Special features Custom made, emergency escape, burglar resistant. The highest revolving door until now has an internal height of 7,100 mm.
  • Suitability/use Distinctive entrance for luxurious buildings.