The VELOPA Double Stack Cycle Rack: Double Stack  


The VELOPA Double Stack Cycle Rack is designed to maximise the number of bicycles that can be stored in an allotted area. Two wheel grippers at either end of the trough firmly hold the top level bicycle in place until it is required again. Manually operated, the top level effortlessly slides between the upper and lower positions; large handles are positioned either side of the upper trough allowing cyclists to easily manoeuvre their bicycles into the upper racks.
Manufactured from mild steel and galvanised to ensure its longevity, this reliable design is ideal for intensive use. The Double Stack Cycle Rack is compatible with the VELOPA Ashton and Bowerham Cycle Shelters.

  • Frame height 1,935mm
  • Depth(s) 1,825mm
  • Frame width Dependent on number of holders; vailable in 4 to 10 bicycle configurations; 450mm between centres
  • Material(s) Manufactured from galvanised mild steel