AUTOPA RemovaPost-Gl  


The RemovaPost-GL offers a highly effective and robust way to protect premises and vehicles. The
RemovaPost-GL is supplied with a shallow fitting ground socket from which the post can be removed and placed to one side when not in use. This solution is ideal where the ground prevents the use of Retractable posts. The post is lockable by placing the post in the socket, rotating the post 45° and then pressing the high-security push button 7-pin lock. The post is unlocked, using the supplied key, rotated and then removed.
The RemovaPost-GL is ideal for protecting vehicle forecourts, commercial premises, car parks and domestic driveways.
The AUTOPA RemovaPost-GL is shown in galvanised finish with optional AUTOPA Red & White chevron reflective label.

  • Dimensions 745mm above ground
  • Dimensions 313mm below ground
  • Material(s) Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel