argenta® proslide  


Argent Alu presents the high-quality argenta proslide sliding door fittings. They are suitable for both residential and non-residential new buildings and renovations. The sliding door fittings are specifically designed for professional applications such as offices, schools hospitals, and the healthcare sector ... All components have been designed to guarantee extreme wear resistance with high frequency use. This makes it ideal for high-end interior designs.

Among other things, the argenta proslide consists of

  • A very stable aluminium top rail
  • Highly sophisticated roller trolleys with extra large and wide wheels, each equipped with precision ball bearings
  • An adjustable “standard Stop” or an exceptional “Slow-Stop” damper which allows the door to be stopped and held in place in a measured and controlled fashion
  • An aluminium guide track with an accompanying extra strong aluminium plastic-hooded floor guide to minimise slack and prevent rattling
  • Various fastening systems such as the “Standard-Fix” fastening system, the “Manual-Fix” system (which can be milled into the door panel invisibly) or the ultimate in convenience: the invisible “Auto-Fix” with which the door panel can be quickly and easily affixed in a single operation to the roller assembly, saving a huge amount of time during installation. 

The argenta proslide sliding door fittings offer solutions for single, parallel, simultaneous, symmetrical and telescopic doors as well as for automated sliding doors and floor-to-ceiling sliding doors.