The FASTflo is a high efficiency, direct gas fired wall hung continuous flow water heater available as condensing or non-condensing models for use on Natural Gas or LPG. For situations where a continuous flow of hot water is required, FASTflo offers a very flexible, reliable and robust solution.

Features and benefits:

  • A range of 8 different models is available for this product
  • Low NOx
  • Environmental benefits and future proofed against the next level of ErP incoming September 2018
  • Ability to cascade up to six units
  • Increased power output, easy commissioning, and simple operation
  • New condensing models added to the family
  • More choice and better efficiencies – saving fuel and cost
  • 10 bar max pressure
  • High performance, peace of mind and simpler installation in more demanding systems
  • Wall hung and small and compact
  • Flexible siting in more difficult applications where space is at a premium
  • Can be run on LPG and used externally
  • Durable – suitable for off grid applications and more niche applications where other options are not appropriate


The specification details are available at this link: