The COMBIflo from Andrews Water Heaters is a range of condensing stainless steel water heaters. With space heating capability, the COMBIflo produces both hot water and heating from a single heat generator and storage vessel enclosed in one cabinet. COMBIflo was awarded Commercial Heating Product of the Year at the 2016 HVR Awards.

Features and benefits :

  • A range of 2 different models is available for this product
  • Pre-packaged hot water and heating in one cabinet makes the COMBIflo quick and easy to install, saving time on site
  • Water heater and space heating capability means there's no need for separate appliances, saving space and ideal for smaller plant rooms with space constraints
  • Compact and lightweight design that can be split into two parts makes it easy to manoeuvre within a building, making it ideal for retrofit applications where plant rooms access space may be limited
  • Almost instantaneous hot water generation of up to 2240 L/hr and small integral 300L storage tank means a reduction in standing heat losses and levels of hot water generation, saving energy and costs
  • Up to three gas fired heat exchangers ensures a constant supply of hot water or heating
  • Natural gas and LPG models available 
  • COMBIflo was awarded Commercial Heating Product of the Year at the 2016 HVR Awards 


The specification details are available at this link: