SUPAflo EVO produces a continuous supply of hot water at an efficient recovery rate of up to 9,230 litres an hour. Digital controls are built-in as standard for easy installation, diagnostics and maintenance. It's designed for high demand environments that need high volumes of instant hot water, such as health clubs, commercial laundrettes and manufacturing plants. SUPAflo EVO is ideal for compact boiler rooms and has built-in wheels for effortless manoeuvrability.


Features and benefits :

  • a range of 7 different models is available for this product
  • 98% gross efficiency
  • Hot water recovery of up to 9230 litres per hour at 50°C
  • Seven models, 142kW to 539kW
  • High quality stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Compact, lightweight design with small footprint
  • Natural Gas or LPG
  • Energy efficient, cost effective operation
  • Satisfies the most demanding applications
  • Suitable for large commercial and industrial applications that require large quantities of hot water
  • Very efficient and low maintenance
  • Less space required for installation
  • Can be installed in off mains gas areas


The specification details are available at this link: