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The HEXflo plate heat exchanger provides an instantaneous supply of domestic hot water to taps and showers in commercial and public sector buildings. If gas fired water heaters are not a suitable or feasible option, due to design or flue restrictions, plate heat exchangers are an effective alternative, offering the benefits of being economical, flexible and easy to install and use, while also saving space.


Features and benefits: 

  • Wall mounted unit that requires less space in the plant room
  • Instantaneous delivery of hot water with no requirement of a domestic hot water storage vessel means less space is required in the plant room
  • No flue or gas supply required for flexible location options allowing for quicker and cheaper installation
  • Available as single or cascade unit options delivering larger volumes of water from a smaller space
  • The 56kW brazed heat exchanger has a fast heat up time allowing for speedy delivery of hot water to the outlets
  • Compatible with any heat source (boilers, CHP, biomass) making it an energy efficient solution for a wide range of applications


At this link you can find all the technical information: