Ancon Stainless Steel Wall Ties  


Ancon's stainless steel wall ties are value-engineered to provide high performance at a competitive price.

The range comprises the Staifix HRT4 Housing Wall Tie, the Staifix RT2 General Purpose Wall Tie and the Ancon ST1 Heavy Duty Wall Tie. The HRT4 is a Type A tie for separating walls of any height. Independent tests have proven the Staifix HRT4 has a measured dynamic stiffness of <4.8MN/m3 at a cavity of 50- 100mm and 125-150mm and is therefore suitable for internal separating (party) walls of new-build attached dwellings with these cavities.

The effect Ancon’s slender high tensile wire Staifix wall ties have on heat transfer is negligible and so, like the TeploTie, they are generally excluded from U-value calculations to BS EN ISO 6946.

Ancon stainless steel wall ties are CE marked to BS EN 845-1 in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation.

  • Cavity widths (mm) 50-175
  • Material(s) Stainless steel

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