DashAgg stone dash finish is often specified for the refurbishment of existing social housing stock due
to the durable and low maintenance nature of the finish. DashAgg stone dash is used in conjunction
with Alumasc’s traditional polymer-modified dashing renders in both External Wall Insulation (EWI)
systems and render only applications.

The standard range of base and accent stone colours is:

  • White base with choice of Polar White, Black & White or Red & White accent
  • Cream base with choice of Champagne, Derbyshire Spar or Ashton Cream accent
  • Other colours available upon request
  • Alumasc’s Dashing Renders are also supplied in a range of colours, including white, cream, and grey.

Key Features
DashAgg is an extremely durable stone dash finish that is used in conjunction with Alumasc’s dashing
renders to provide a robust, hard-wearing and low maintenance finish to any property:

  • Excellent vapour permeability that allows the building to breath & preventing interstitial condensation
  • High tensile adhesion strength that prevents delamination and flaking
  • Good flexibility providing resistance against cracking & increasing durability
  • Rated as Class 0 for surface spread of flame when used in EWI systems

DashAgg is BBA approved when used in conjunction with Alumasc Dashing Renders:

  • Alumasc Dashing Render (MR S5) for render only applications
  • Alumasc Dashing Render (MR S7) for External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems.

Coverage Rate: 2.5 m2 per bag at 10mm thickness
Thickness: 3 – 8 mm
Unit of Supply: Bag of 25 kg
Weight: 12.5 kg / m2
Fire Performance: Class 0 surface spread of flame
Application: Applied with a scoop tool onto the
Alumasc Dashing Render
Mixing Ratio: Mix on site in minimum batches of 4 bags to ensure colour consistency across