VBriQ synthetic brick slips are ideally suited to any new build and refurbishment scheme where a brick
finish is sought. With over 60 million slips installed globally, synthetic brick slips are increasingly being
used to overcome many of the constraints associated with traditional brick. VBriQ slips are accredited
for use in a range of External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems by the BBA – including certain high-rise
applications – and are also suitable to provide aesthetic upgrades in non-insulated constructions.

The range of options with VBriQ is diverse and growing:

● VBriQ finishes can replicate any UK brick’s colour and texture
● VBriQ slips can be supplied in a number of size formats
● A range of pointing mortars are available to achieve the desired aesthetic

Key Features
VBriQ is a lightweight synthetic brick slip system that replicates the appearance of brick without many
of the constraints associated with brick-based construction:

● Lightweight – at c. 6 kg/m2
● Cost-effective to transport (up to 6,000 m2 of bricks can be transported per truck)
● Energy efficient to manufacture – requiring only c. 12% of the energy to produce traditional bricks
● Quick and simple to install (often upwards of 10 m2/day)
● High UV resistance to ensure that the original brick colour is maintained
● Good flexibility providing resistance against cracking & increasing durability
● VBriQ can be used in conjunction with: Alumasc Façade Protector​

Coverage Rate: 118 bricks / m2
Thickness: 4mm
Unit of Supply: boxes of 30 bricks
Weight: 6kg/m2
Fire Performance: Class 0 surface spread of flame
Application: directly adhered using VBriQ Adhesive