Superlasting®: Asphalt  


This is a patented sustainable micro foamed mix process that provides the performance of hot mix asphalt but is produced and laid at reduced temperatures to increase longievity of the end result. The asphalt achieves desired stiffness at a quicker rate which means that construction times and costs can be reduced and in turn cause less disruption to the surrounding local traffic.

Key points

  • Enhanced durability through reduced binder ageing
  • Reduced construction times due to quick stiffening rate
  • Carbon footprint reduced by 24%
  • Similar qualities to hot ashpalt
  • Available as a base, binder or surface course
  • Nuisance fumes eliminated
  • Conventional laying techniques
  • Good workability and lower temperatures
  • CE Marked



  • Major resurficing projects
  • Local and national infrastruces


  • Infrastructure
  • Commercial