Supercolour® Ultra: Asphalt  


A range of distinctly coloured asphalts that uses a translucent penetration grade, resinous hydrocarbon binder. The special binder is readily pigmented and provides a wide range of asphalt colours.

Supercolour Ultra can be provided in a range of colours, red, green, yellow, white, blue etc. The intensity of colour can be varied by altering the amount of pigmentation; subtle colours to harmonise with site surroundings can be achieved. It should be noted that similar to most decorative architectural products, the colours and finish of Supercolour Ultra will alter over time due to weathering and wear. 

Supercolour Ultra is available in a range of sizes 6, 10 and 14mm to suit a range of thicknesses dependent on scheme requirements.

Key benefits

  • Allows option of visual variety for road surfaces and public areas
  • Allows clients to enhance safety through colour-coded demarcation areas
  • Available using binder technology and manufactured using plant based renewable ingredients.


  • Commercial schemes
  • Domestic (driveways and garden)
  • Prestige schemes
  • Urban and rural roads
  • Bus lanes.


  • Commercial
  • Domestic