StoneMaster®: Charcon  


A revolutionary range of flag and block paving with all the inherent beauty of indigenous stone.

  • Fine Sandstone mix replicating natural sandstone and granite
  • Three new stunning shades of grey replicating natural granite and yorkstone
  • Pencil Chamfer for enhanced aesthetics and protection against laying damage
  • Up to 50% reclaimed and recycled material
  • UK produced for nationwide stock availability
  • More economical than Natural Stone for a cost effective solution
  • Fixed sizes for ease of design with fully random sizes


StoneMaster flag paving is suitable for predominantly pedestrianised areas subject to occasional light vehicular over run, light mechanical sweepers. The small element flag (450x450x80 and 450x300x80) is suited to areas with heavier vehicular overrun, e.g. for fire access etc.

  • Size Various
  • Thickness 80 mm
  • Finish/effect/texture Natural buff, sandy buff, sienna buff, amber buff, light grey, medium grey, dark grey
  • Weight Between 1.7 - 51 kg
  • * BIM Enabled