A range of macadam materials for paving repair, bituminous and surface dressing.

Products are available in a range of sizes from handy size to larger bulk bags.


A safe and easy-to-use material for patching and repairing to tarmac areas. Available in red and black.

Temporary Repair Macadam

Limestone and hardstone temporary repair macadam (3mm and 6mm, black and red).

Macadam Hardstone

BBA / HAUC approved PCSMs (Hardstone) 6mmh hardstone macadam

Bitumen Emulsion

K1-40 bitumen emulsion (25 and 200 Litre Drum).

Surface Dressing Binder

LEOCHIP surface dressing binder

  • Bituminous sealing grit
  • 20mm precoats PSV60
  • 20mm precoats PSV65
  • 20mm precoats red on red