Highway®: Charcon  


Highway is a high capacity combined concrete kerb and drainage system, offering a cost effective all in one alternative to conventional kerb, gulley and drain networks.

  • A two-part high capacity channel base unit and a soffit for channel top unit

  • Dramatically reduces the need for expensive underground pipe work and cost of excavation

  • Inlet holes along the kerb line for fast and effective removal of water from the road surface

  • Large capacity channel that stores and removes water to an outlet, removing the need for frequently placed outlet points

  • Supplied in pallet packs for easy manoeuverability on site and packed to suit manual handling

  • Available in both half batter and splay profiles

  • Cast in recess for sealing mastic


Highway is suitable for motorways, dual carriageways, commercial sites, industrial sites and access roads.

Complementary Products

Designed for use with British Standard Kerb.

  • Length(s) 400 mm
  • Width(s) 460 mm
  • Depth(s) 245, 369 mm
  • Width(s) 67, 84 mm
  • Colour(s) Grey