Foamix™: Asphalt  



Foamix is foamed bitumen asphalt; this is a blend of carefully combined ingredients, most of which are recycled aggregates, bound together by a ‘foam’ of bitumen and water.  This binder is not an emulsion, but is a controlled physical and chemical process, to ensure the ultimate performance.

Foamix is available in two grade; standard and heavy duty both formulated to comply with the requirements of cl948 ‘Ex Situ Cold Recycled Bound Material’ of the Specification for Highway Works (SHW) classes B2 and B4 respectively.

Key benefits


  • Can use up to 95% recycled or reclaimed products in the mix design
  • Material is supplied and laid cold, so safe to the touch
  • Store it in any convenient location, for everyday use or ‘out-of-hours’ emergencies
  • If covered and stored on good dry ground standard grade can be held on stock for up to 1 month
  • A single layer of Foamix can replace multiple layers e.g. base and binder course give savings in both labour and time

Heavy Duty:

  • Produced according to the requirements of SHW:Cl948, can be used as a direct replacement for DBM/HDM50 base and binder course mixtures in all categories of roads
  • Can be used as a stabilised foundation material to give FC3 and 4 subbase layers 
  • Structurally and in use equivalent to DBM50
  • Can be trafficked immediately
  • Can use up to 95% recycled or reclaimed products in the mix design
  • low density giving up to 10% reduction in material required compare with hot mix materials.



Standard Grade:

  • Footpaths
  • Utilities
  • Minor and rural roads
  • Emergency repair

Heavy Duty Grade:

  • Motorways
  • Trunk roads
  • Primary highway networks including minor roads


  • Infrastructure

  • * Can use up to 95% recycled or reclaimed products