Durakerb®: Charcon  


Charcon Durakerb® is the revolutionary, lightweight and environmentally friendly kerbstone that complies with health and safety guidelines on the manual handling of kerbstones.

  • 20% reduction in carbon emissions compared with precast concrete units in manufacture
  • Manufactured using a polymer blend of which 88% is recycled material
  • Lightweight design reduces laying times by up to four times that of a concrete equivalent
  • At just under 6kg, the Durakerb is less than one third of the manual handling limit of 20kg and mitigates repetitive strain injury
  • HAPAS approved product and certified by BBA as satisfactory for use as an alternative to concrete kerbs in highways applications for new and maintenance work
  • Extremely durable offering a substantial reduction in spalling minimising remedial and maintenance costs
  • Extremely easy to store and transport
  • Removes the need for mechanical handling equipment, speeding up lay rates
  • Can be cut with hand tools and does not create any Crystalline Silica dust
  • Resistance to typical chemicals and road salts used in highway construction and maintenance
  • Simple interlocking feature ensures 100% alignment
  • Proven durability as product has been used in the UK since 2006

The Durakerb is a cost effective kerb for all applications but particularly suited to highway applications.

Complementary products
Designed for use with our flag and block paving ranges.

  • * resistance