Clearway®: Charcon  


A cost effective and visually discrete linear drainage system, Clearway efficiently removes water away from the ground surface in hard landscaping.

  • Slot and grid options. Units are fitted with appropriate grid to suit medium, heavy and super heavy duty traffic requirements
  • Installed flush with hard landscaped surface
  • Subtle cross fall towards water inlet on each unit
  • Efficient removal of surface water without need for gullies and expensive underground connecting pipework
  • Easy maintenance
  • Slot flared towards drainage bore to inhibit debris blockages


Clearway is suited to medium, heavy and super heavy trafficking classes. Use in all hard landscaping areas including dockyards, airports and industrial sites.

  • Length(s) 400 mm
  • Width(s) 324 mm
  • Depth(s) 257 mm
  • Weight 48, 53 kg
  • Colour(s) Grey