Andover Textured: Charcon  


Andover textured combines stylish appeal and exceptional durability with an affordable price. It's a premium quality flag and block paving product in a wide range of shades and sizes

Offering all the hardwearing characteristics of granite, Andover Textured incorporates uniquely formulated Cornish aggregates to provide enhanced durability, performance and aesthetics.

Available in a range of shades that can be used to complement and contrast with one another, Andover Textured also comes in 13 different flag and block paving sizes for the ultimate in design flexibility and visual appeal. It’s also available as an Infilta concrete block permeable paver (see page 85).

  • Finish/effect/texture White - light grey - silver grey - midnight grey - cream - chestnut - oak - silver fleck
  • Thickness 50, 60, 80 mm
  • Weight Between 1.7 - 44 kg
  • Texture Textured
  • * Chamfered - Pencil
  • Size 600x600 - 450x450 - 400x400 - 600x200 - 300x300 - 300x200 - 300x100 - 200x200 - 200x100 - 100x100