The Flexible Space underfloor air conditioning system offers two options to distribute the conditioned air into the work space, either via a recessed Fantile, or via a floor standing air terminal unit. 

Each unit contains twin scroll fans driven from a single motor, an open/shut control damper and integrated control unit (Fatronic) which dictates the air flow.  Air terminals can work independently or connected in a network

Fantiles are designed to replace a standard 600 mm x 600 mm floor panel and the modular design makes it easy to relocate them if layout changes are required.

Recessed Floor Terminal Units

TU4-AC | TU4-EC: Standard Model that requires a minimum 215 mm clearance within the floor void

TU350: Slimline Model that requires a minimum 180 mm clearance within the floor void

Console Terminal Unit

TUC500: Floor standing option for areas unsuitable for recessed floor terminals.  The unit is located over an opening in one floor tile.

Functions of Terminal Units

  1. Temperature Control: Two sensors located in the terminal read room and under floor air temperatures

  2. Automatic Summer/Winter changeover: independent from the CAM unit

  3. Regulation of Setpoint: the room temperature required can be set by the user

  4. Fan Speed Modulation: Select different fan speeds or lock the fan at a fixed speed

  5. Alarm: Automatic diagnostics where the control activates fan switch-off and isolate the terminal indicating the fault on the display

  6. Master and Slave: Terminal units can be designated as Master or Slave allowing control to be regulated

  7. Electronic Heater Control: A delay can be set between fan actuation and electrical heater activation to ensure greater energy efficiency and avoid current peaks caused by simultaneous start up