Steel Windows - A New Generation

 This RIBA accredited presentation will cover –

  1. The importance of the steel window in Architecture over the last century and before.
  2. The characteristics of steel windows throughout history.
  3. The role of steel windows today with regards to the environment and sustainability.
  4. Legislation, standards and performance features governing steel windows.
  5. The future for steel windows, including the introduction of thermal breaks and the consequences for current day steel window specification.

Length of course
1 hour

Contact details
or call 01428 643393 

The presentation is accredited under the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum areas:

  • Climate: sustainable architecture
  • Knowledge level: General Awareness
  • Context: the historic environment and its setting
  • Knowledge level: General Awareness
  • Designing and building it: design, construction, technology and engineering
  • Knowledge level: General Awareness

Our CPD would be of interest to: Architects, Specifiers, Designers and Conservation specialists