Siberian larch cladding technical specification


Siberian larch is sourced from reputable sawmills in Northern Russia. Where possible the larch is independently certified, but in all cases it complies with EUTR.

Siberian larch is a different specie to the larch that grows in western Europe. The wood is a similar colour to pine and the knots tend to stay sound even after drying and machining.

Available in two grades, Siberian larch ranges from knotty to relatively clean, making it suitable for a wide range of building projects.

Being dry and dense Siberian larch is ideal for machined profiles and the relatively low cost makes it an ideal alternative to more expensive species such as Canadian cedar.

Siberian larch grows very slowly and consequently the wood is extremely dense and strong. The high resin content makes the specie naturally durable and hardwearing.  It is important however to understand that Siberian larch is unstable and it will move considerably through the year.