Safetred Wood


NEW COLOURS with safety clearly InGrained
NEW Safetred Wood from Tarkett is the latest in a new generation of 21st century safety floors.
Still with a full commercial slip resistance rating throughout the product life, new Safetred
Wood now offers the most contemporary trends in wood species and colours.
The elegant greys and rich natural oak tones are further enhanced with a new 'super matt'
effect surface which also delivers better stain and scuff resistance.
With the new 'Smart Particle Technology’, Safetred Wood, looks and performs better than ever.
 - Full commercial slip resistance rating
- 'Super Matt' surface preventing glare from the floor
 - More resistant to scuff and stains
 - 'Smart Particle Technology' gives a cleaner, smoother, more natural looking surface
 - Ideal for any application where a more 'domestic' look is desirable without compromising performance