Rapid and clean floor renovations


Quick, clean floor renovations without closures.

With SwitchTec® by UZIN it is now possible to renovate floors without causing unnecessary disturbances or closing premises. Floor coverings can be replaced quickly, quietly and cleanly, then years later can be removed without leaving any residues. The tape adhesives enables floor coverings to be replaced almost anywhere from shops, offices to hospitals and care homes.


Ensuring that floors always look good means replacing them on a regular basis. Decsion makers hesitate to take this step, since it usually involves either reducing working hours or closing premises during refurbishment.  UZIN solves these problems with its SwitchTec® range of adhesives. SwitchTec® offers a solution that meets the needs of customers and is designed to be used discretely so that normal working conditions are not disrupted during installation. New floor coverings are ready for foot traffic immediately and all areas are available for use without interruption.  


What is SwitchTec®?

SwitchTec® is a range of self-adhesive tapes which are wound onto rolls. All SwitchTec® products provide an alternative to wet adhesives or loose lay systems when installing floor coverings or skirting. Sigan® is one range of products from switchTec® whereby a variety of floor coverings such PVC, luxury vinyl tiles and carpets can be fitted onto subfloors or existing floor coverings.


A new floor covering can easily be applied onto an existing floor covering (or subfloor) without having to remove the old covering. This not only avoids the normal disturbances caused when renovating, but also saves time and money. The new floor covering can then be used and walked upon immediately. When the covering applied becomes worn after years of use, it can be removed quickly and easily, without leaving any adhesive residues.

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