Maco Pro-Door Door Hinges


Conventional door hinge solutions for flush, square edge timber and composite door systems are unreliable in assembly and adjustment as the sash and frame parts can disengage. Adjusting the hinges is often restricted and time-consuming. Two people are required to adjust an installed door, one holds the door sash whilst the other adjusts the hinge.

The T80 C composite door hinge eliminates these scenarios. The sash and frame linkage arm of the T80 C composite door hinge securely locks the two parts together during assembly and adjustment. Using a T20 key, one person can easily adjust an installed door whenever necessary – when adjusting the hinges the door will not drop.

All adjustments are done directly with a T20 key, there is no need to release fixings and the door leaf remains securely fastened to the frame throughout. The revolutionary part, is that the hinges are equipped with a patented mechanism that
provides freedom of upward motion.

The height adjustment only needs to be carried out on a single hinge, the other hinges adjust automatically.* The compression adjustment is set with the door closed. This means that the sashs sits in the frame and the fitter can see the contact pressure increase or decrease whilst adjusting the door. Adjustment range The T80 C composite door hinge adjusts directly and continuously +/- 3 mm in all dimensions.

Further benefits

• The sash and frame linkage arm is fixed together, which ensures that the two components remain connected even under extreme conditions. 

• For sash weights up to 80 kg • The hinge bushes are made from a special material that is extremely resistant to wear.

• A security locking screw for the hinge spindle is available for outward open doors • Testing according to UK standards PAS 2.