Lean- and SMARTtouch


Tomorrow's aspirations. Lean- and Smarttouch Harmony of function and design. Once you have discovered the advantages of modern bus systems for your house, you will never want to do without this luxury again. The networked installation system regulates and controls lighting, blinds, screens, room heating or the intercom system, and visualises measured values such as the temperature, brightness and wind velocities in old and new buildings. The touchpanels developed by Busch-Jaeger has a clearly laid out touchscreen (available in monochrome or colour) that allows you to check and control all of these functions from a central location. With them you can visualise and operate the ABB i-bus® EIB/KNX and ABB Powernet EIB systems in the smallest of spaces. Harmony of function and design. 4–5 The multifunctional Lean/Smarttouch. 6–7 Functionality for more comfort in everyday life. 8–9 The interface to Bang & Olufsen. 10 Easy to use and commission. 11 3 Harmony of function and design. The basis of the Lean and Smarttouch is a fully graphical LCD screen with integrated backlighting. It is used to display and operate up to 100 switching and control functions in different screens. The functional assignment of the individual touchscreens can be configured according to your wishes. All functions are activated by touching the display. Starting from the homepage, the labelled touchscreen of the menu structure is activated via the enclosed PDA pin. Thanks to the clearly laid out menu structure you can keep an eye on everything at all times. The functions in the house can be controlled room for room and/or via the function groups. The new Busch-Jaeger Lean and Smarttouch is not only easy on the eye but it also offer numerous functions for switching and controlling your EIB or Powernet system. At the same time, this versatile display and console panel can be easily and intuitively used. Switching Dimming Regulating Opening Controlling Checking Monitoring Light 5 Located behind the flap are the functional components such as the PDA pin for operating the touchscreen. The chromed flap slides automatically downwards upon being lightly pressed. Ventilation Heating Intercom system Blinds Awnings Shutters Windows The program, which is individually created for you, is saved in a standard multimedia/ SD card. The multifunctional Lean and Smarttouch. Save yourself long walks and unnecessary expenditure. With the Lean and Smarttouch you can check and as necessary control all the functions in your house from one location. At the Lean and Smarttouch homepage you will find up to 10 touchscreens, which, for example, reflect the room structure of your house. You can at any time read the room temperature and time in the footer of the control panels, and have in addition direct access to the integrated individual room thermostats and the time programs. If you touch a touch button in the homepage using the PDA pin you are immediately guided to an overview of the individual room functions or the function groups. The current status of, for example, the switch functions or measured values is textually displayed in the display. With an additional touch on the respective individual function a control window opens via which, for example, the brightness level of the ceiling light can be changed. Via the "Home" button in the footer you are guided back to the homepage from any control page. In addition, the Lean and Smarttouch has a "child lock" via which all operation can be locked. The relevant locking symbol is displayed in the header. 7 The respective control states of the room are shown in the display either as text or as symbols. With one touch of the PDA pin you are guided from the homepage to the functional overview of, for example, the living room. An additional touch, e.g. on the ceiling light function, opens a control screen via which the control state can be changed. Functionality for more comfort in everyday life. You wish to comfortably control the blinds or room temperature in your house, or be informed about system faults or woken up on time? The Lean and Smarttouch automatically controls all of this for you and also offers many more additional options. clock function. The device serves as an individual room thermostat for a room but can also control the respective controllers of all rooms in the house, for example, for the central reduction of nightly room temperature or for changing the desired temperature. Different switch functions such as blind control or calling-up the lighting atmospheres can be controlled by hand or automatically via the time programs. The integrated presence simulation, which saves the control states of a week and calls them up automatically if you are absent (plausible presence simulation), ensures more safety. In addition, the Leanand Smarttouch can be used as a control unit. The timer, alarm clock and information function as well as the alarm and alarm-response messages complement the multifunctional checking and control options of the device. With the Lean- and Smarttouch, all electrical devices, which are integrated into your EIB or Powernet system, are centrally controlled. In addition, an infrared handheld control facilitates remote control. In this way, up to 10 individually defined consumers can be controlled. Via the "System" button of the homepage the date, time or also the signal tones can be set. The acoustic signals can be heard during alarm or alarm-response messages or with the alarm The panel can among other things be used as a room thermostat. The integrated remote sensor automatically ensures a cosy room temperature. Via light atmospheres, all lights in the room can be automatically set to different brightness levels, for example, for reading and watching television. Via the "Extras" menu of the footer you are guided to additional functions such as those of the information page where you can write a note using the PDA pin. 9 The interface to Bang & Olufsen. With the modern and stylish Bang & Olufsen Beo4* remote control you not only can control your home entertainment functions but also your house technology. Since 1925 the legendary Bang & Olufsen brand has stood for harmonising four things: quality, which exceeds the expectations of customers, where image and sound are concerned. Craftsmanship that from an aesthetical and technological point of view creates longlasting products. Application comfort true to the guiding principle that technology must serve people – and not the other way around. All of this in one design that combines shape and function in an original way. Developed to meet the highest demands in user comfort: the Lean- and Smarttouch with integrated IR receiver for the Beo4* remote control of Bang & Olufsen. The functional range has been significantly expanded. In addition to the known option, i.e. that all Hi-fi components of Bang & Olufsen can be controlled with one remote control, you can now also operate the lighting, blinds and many other EIB and Powernet functions via the remote control. You are only two clicks away from such desired light atmospheres as "Reading", "Television" or "Visitor" with the Beo4* remote control of Bang & Olufsen. The Controlpanel receives the IR signals of the remote control and carries out the desired functions in your EIB or Powernet system. *Available in authorised Bang & Olufsen specialised dealers, www.bang-olufsen.com. Commissioning. Commissioning or programming the panel can be carried out by the installer in one of two ways. a) Commissioning via a standard multimedia/ SD card For quick and uncomplicated commissioning a multimedia/SD card with associated card reader is recommended. The card with the project is inserted into the slot receptacle behind the chromed panel flap. The desired project is selected via the panel display and automatically assigned. Card reading device Laptop Multimedia/ SD card Lean and Smarttouch b) Classic programming via the EIB bus in connection with the PC and EIB interface (RS 232 or USB) Note: Programming via the bus is only recommended for small changes or expansions. Laptop Interface RS 232 or USB Lean and Smarttouch 11 Function/feature Room panel Lean- and Smarttouch Colouring Shades of grey Colour or shades of grey Resolution 320x240 pixel 320x240 pixel Number of control functions 30 100 Number of switching times 25 200 Alarm/alarm-response messages 5 10 Presence simulation Yes Yes Infrared remote control channels 10 10 Number of light scenes 32 Light scenes with 10 objects 32 Light scenes with 20 objects Integrated room thermostat Yes Yes Information function No Yes Timer function No Yes Alarm clock No Yes Difference between the versions

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