IKO UPXL Brochure


A Guide to UPXL

Premium Roofing System

IKO UPXL is a superior no compromising solution that offers extra quality and extra guarantees, designed to offer the best waterproofing performance.

This premium roofing system uses only the very best components, materials, and technology to offer extra durability, extra reliability and extra peace of mind. IKO UPXL membranes have been engineered to incorporate thicker coatings with enhanced polymer content and high strength reinforcements for outstanding durability, high flexibility, and workability. IKO UPXL provides more than just the very best waterproofing membranes. It’s a complete system package delivering the very best technical performance and the highest levels of accreditation. IKO UPXL also incorporates the latest IKO Graphite Fire Retardant Technology for excellent fire resistance.

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