Education Sector Guide


There has never been a more exciting time for education in the UK. Not only are we building more schools than ever before, but we are now focused on creating new learning environments to inspire our students and young children to ever higher educational achievements. By doing this, we will help them maximise their own potential and contribute effectively to the country’s future.

The Government’s pledge to rebuild or renew every secondary school in England over the next 10-15 years has demanded a different approach. It requires close cooperation across the design and build team and a new emphasis on robust systems and techniques that speed up the build process whilst providing flexibility to accommodate changing use and class sizes.

To meet this challenge, we have worked as part of the team to develop new and improved wall and ceiling systems. These lifetime guaranteed systems meet our demanding sustainability standards, yet are faster to build, with reduced whole life maintenance costs. They have the strength and durability needed to cope with intensive use throughout the building life.

In this guide we have brought together a comprehensive range of solutions that meet the demands of the Government’s intensive build programme. They will help to create unique educational environments to inspire future generations of students and teachers alike. They will help you to design, build and operate the schools of tomorrow.