AUTOPA Removable Bollard 1000 Stainless


The Removable Bollard offers an effective, simple and robust way to protect premises and vehicles. Removable Bollards are particularly suitable for locations where occasional access is required, the simple pin and padlock system provides an easy to operate solution for locking the bollard in place. The Removable Bollard is 1,000mm above ground and is available in a range of outside tube diameter sizes from 60mm through to 204mm.
The Removable Bollard 1000 is ideal for protecting vehicle forecourts, commercial premises, car parks and domestic driveways and can be used in conjunction with fixed bollards as part of a security system for all types of premises.
The AUTOPA Removable Bollard 1000 is shown in 101mm with the standard Stainless Steel Grade 304 finish.