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Thanks to the excellent collaboration with our partners, we are able to keep a close eye on the market. We adapt our products to suit customer requirements, not vice-versa. This means we translate people’s specific needs into innovations which make their everyday lives easier. We offer intelligent, contemporary solutions, and in doing so, we look beyond our hardware products and take the entire system into account.

Hence topics such as barrier-free access, operating comfort, security and even design become increasingly important. Topics which are encapsulated in our motto of Austrian living comfort. We supply quality from Austria which you can rely on.
This makes us a trendsetter and allows you to set yourself apart from your competitors thanks to a comprehensive portfolio and higher level of service.
Take a look at the following pages where our clever complete solutions speak for themselves or get in touch with us directly. We look forward to talking with you.

Design Modern architecture is defined by clean lines and the absence of superfluous elements.  Flush, concealed hardware and ever narrower frames are MACO’s response to these requirements. As our hardware can accommodate enormous sash weights, any large-format glazing required by current residential architecture can be created. 

Our clever products overcome design-based, heavy weight challenges and make it possible to create units which offer incredible functionality. Our hardware portfolio provides you with complete flexibility when it comes to design – enabling a variety of window shapes, opening types, combination possibilities and additional functions  to be realised.

security The tried-and-tested MACO i.S. security roller cam, new products such as the secure tilt position and the RC 3 timber system test for all hinge-sides are all examples of how MACO is continually setting benchmarks in terms of mechanical burglary resistance. Be inspired by our new and unique, self-locking drive gear or our modern, high-security access management system, for example. 

For us, however, security is more than burglary resistance. We also take protection against extreme weather phenomena into consideration: a special flood protection setup protects residents against these dangers.

Windows which keep the heat in and thereby keep energy costs down. Large-format units which, despite their huge dimensions and heavy weights, can be slid open with ease and, during locking, are drawn back towards the frame as if they are acting by themselves. Barrier-free casement doors which allow everyone to pass through unhindered. Doors which can be conveniently unbolted using a smartphone app or a car key and then open automatically. 

Have a browse through the following pages and discover these and many more user-oriented solutions, which you can realise with our products.

Our products don’t just complete windows, doors and sliding units, they shape living environments. the key aspects here are design, security, and comfort. three topics which have always been of great importance at maco. they are the key to Austrian living comfort and the maco product promise, which is reflected in aspects such as easy operation, intelligent functionality, simple installation, and maintenance as well as inno vative security.

UALITY MACO stands for consistent quality in terms of the function and finish of its products. This is confirmed by continuous benchmarking. The premium provider only works with certified suppliers and utilises pre-tested, selected materials.
Intelligent product design, advanced manufacturing and testing methods as well as competent, dedicated employees ensure consistently high quality. By offering a top apprenticeship program, which MACO has been running for years, the company is investing in its human capital and securing long-term expertise and the necessary skilled workers. In turn, this guarantees top quality production processes and products for you.

SUSTAINABILITY: We work in accordance with economic, environmental and social aspects. In doing so, we pave the way for the sustainable corporate success of our customers and the MACO Group. We have been a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) since January 2013. MACO is a Climate Alliance enterprise. All production locations and the production of the hardware itself comply with the regulations for conservation of resources and energy conservation, as well as environmental protection. 

TECHNOLOGY: We continually develop our manufacturing technology and adapt it to meet customer requirements. Not only do we manufacture all the tools ourselves, a large proportion of the systems and assembly lines are also individually designed, constructed and built by us to meet current and future needs; sometimes in collaboration with long-standing partners. This means that the company possesses technical expertise and guarantees short paths and fast response times. A real benefit for our customers.

SECURITY Burglar resistance is one of the key functional requirements of windows and doors. The longer a building element can thwart a burglary attempt, the safer an apartment or house is and the more secure its residents will feel. When it comes to security, mechanical burglary resistance is key. MACO specialises in the development and production of burglar-resistant hardware.

SURFACE FINISH Surface treatment which offers maximum corrosion protection is one of the key technologies in the company. Seven surface processing technologies are used in our in-house production – from anodising and powder coating to the TRICOAT-PLUS surface finish. This unparalleled surface processing technology is far superior to cold galvanised hardware with regard to corrosion. MACO offers the industry`s widest range of surfaces produced in-house.

DEVELOPMENT & INNOVATION As a technology leader, MACO has always developed benefit-based product solutions. They make an impact with innovative technology, the ultimate in quality and design-oriented functionality. We don't just monitor trends. We are a trendsetter for the building hardware of the future. During product development, current function and design requirements are incorporated into our intelligent hardware solutions.

TEST CENTRE MACO is a partner and external partner agency of the accredited testing and inspection body gbd LAB GmbH. Customer tests for joint and watertightness along with additional tests for burglary resistance are carried out at our test centre in Salzburg and documented with an internationally valid test certificate. This means you can easily meet your CE marking obligation.
Reputable and expert advice ensures the mutual success of partnerships. Our advice is centred on your sustainable growth. We develop solutions for and together with you, our customers, that enable us both to excel in the market and that can be individually adjusted to suit your infrastructure and production options. We focus on you.

CUSTOMER PORTAL: All customer-specific and technical information and documents are collected in the "extranet" customer portal, where they can be accessed at any time. The extranet is an exclusive, password-protected area which can only be accessed by registered users (customers and business partners).

ORDER PLATFORM: The integrated order platform is the simplest and quickest way to send us your order requests. Shopping basket templates, a complete overview of all your orders, invoices and delivery notes, as well as useful search functions all, help to make ordering a breeze.


PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE: We feel confident about the outstanding and reliable product quality of our hardware solutions. That is why we provide a performance guarantee of 10 years for the main product groups MULTI turn-only and turn&tilt hardware, RAIL SYSTEMS sliding hardware and PROTECT door locks and 12 years for our EMOTION window handles. This means that you too can rest assured that you are offering your customers only the very best quality.
SERVICEABILITY We know that our production processes and products are of high quality, but we also have this externally verified on an ongoing basis: 

CORROSION PROTECTION: Top protection against salts, acids and alkalis, aggressive cleaning agents and builder's dust – with guaranteed corrosion protection for the TRICOAT-PLUS surface protection developed by MACO. There's no contender for coastal regions, industrially congested areas, indoor swimming pools and livestock stables; as well as when processing highly tannic types of timber – incl. a 15-year guarantee, and a 10-year guarantee for use on Accoya® and oak wood. Can be optionally used for the MULTI-MATIC, PROTECT, RAIL-SYSTEMS and ESPAGS product groups.

HIDDEN STRENGTH: Set yourself apart from your competitors and opt for the MULTI POWER hinge-side – the design range with concealed hardware components. Perfect aesthetics combined with maximum functionality and optimum security will fulfill all your customers' needs. Based on the MULTI-MATIC central locking system, with which it can be readily combined, you can easily create 1- and 2-sashed units and even 3-sash windows and tilt windows with concealed hardware. This means an extremely wide range of applications are at your disposal.
a Modern LooK Windows and casement doors which have concealed hardware and bearing components when closed, become a design feature in modern residential buildings – MULTI POWER makes the production of such aesthetic window units child's play. With an additional flush design, the frame and sash combine to form a harmonious unit.

VIRTUAL FRAMELESS: Timber windows with maximum glass areas where the frame discreetly retreats into the background – with MULTI POWER, narrow frames with a profile depth of 10 mm can be realised in a range of window dimensions with hardly any effect on the loadbearing capacity. The shadow joint becomes a design feature on the flush version.

BarrIer-free Smooth transition between living space and balcony or garden – tripping is a thing of the past with timber casement doors thanks to the MACO-TRANSIT threshold. PVC casement doors with a sash weight of up to 130 kg can also be made barrier-free and convenient by com- bining them with thresholds from selected profile and threshold manufacturers (such as Veka, GKG, Trocal and Eifel TB).
RELIABLY SECURE: Even though MULTI POWER is a hit with design enthusiasts, this doesn't mean you have to compromise on optimum functionality and maximum security. The hinge-side has guaranteed burglary resistance up to grade RC 3. And the window units even fulfil RC 2 in combination with narrow frame profiles or thresholds.

Heavyweights Modern architectural designs that consciously aim to integrate daylight usually feature large-scale glazing. In terms of movement and fastening technology, energy-saving, multi-glazed  turn&tilt units are a weighty challenge, which MACO pivot posts and scissor stay hinges easily master. The hingeside MULTI MAMMUT can handle huge windows with considerable sizes and sash weights up to 220 kg.

As the new MAMMUT corner support for PVC windows and casement doors is only screwed at the rebate leg, thermal bridges and sealing gaps are now a thing of the past. At the same time, the casement door can be individually adjusted to suit the threshold so it is barrier-free. And there's another plus point: the easy fabrication – from manual assembly through semi- automated production to unmanned full automation.

TILTIng Up To 250 Kg Do you need the ultimate in design but don't want to compromise on fresh air? With MULTI MAMMUT you can now produce impressive tilt windows up to a sash weight of 250 kg and 5.6 m² in size. The modified hardware combination allows the timber window to be tilted, enabling shops or public facilities, for example, to be ventilated. A real alternative to fixed glazing and expensive air conditioning technology.
What's more, it also impresses with its easy fabrication, maximum security thanks to modified handle function and durability provided by wear-resistant materials.
powerHoUse MULTI MAMMUT is the powerful solution for giant windows up to 3.6 m² and with sash weights of 180 kg in PVC, and now even up to 220 kg in timber! Burglar-resistant up to RC 3, without routing on the frames and with integrated anti-slam device as standard – set yourself apart from your competition and offer your customers the ultimate in flexibility.