Armaflex Ultima Reference Brochure


Smoke-free technical insulation material for greater safety in a fire. For the insulation of the cooling water pipes and air ducts of the air conditioning equipment Armaflex Ultima is the first flexible insulation material to achieve fire class BL-s1 in the European fire test. The insulation material releases only a minimal amount of smoke in a fire and thus makes an important contribution to the safety of people in buildings.

Legislators in many European countries have recognized that smoke poses a much greater hazard potential than the fire itself and have tightened the requirements regarding the smoke development of construction products in their building regulations.

The Armaflex Ultima system provides installations with long-term condensation control to protect cooling water pipes and air ducts against condensation and energy losses. The use of the Armafix Ultima pipe support ensures reliable condensation control in the critical area of the pipe bracket. Armafix isolates the pipe and bracket from each other and thus prevents thermal bridges.

To ensure that the new elastomeric insulation materials is glued securely, Armacell offers adhesives which are specially designed for Armaflex Ultima and other insulation materials based on the new Armaprene® technology.