In addition to legislative changes affecting roofing practices, demand for airtightness is giving rise to increasingly complex roof designs. Klober was the first company to develop a range of tapes, sealants, air barriers, vapour control layers and sealing collars specifically for the purpose of maximizing airtightness in roofs and walls. Their use enables movement of heat, air and moisture through the building envelope to be controlled for greater thermal efficiency and reduced risk of condensation.

Klober tapes and sealants are used to seal laps and penetrations made for pipes, ducting and cables and to bond membranes to other building materials. They provide an exceptional standard of adhesion and are equally effective with either rough or smooth surfaces.

Air barriers and vapour control layers (AVCLs) provide a standard of performance in roofs and walls which far exceeds the requirements of BS9250 making them ideal for Passivhaus / EnerPhit construction.

The range is supported by literature which examines air permeability requirements of Approved Document Part L and the contribution of specific products in SAP calculation. An accompanying CPD presentation is also available.