Re/making The Street  


In 2007 the balance of the global population tipped from rural to urban. We are a species that now tends to live in cities. Streets are our prime habitat but how do they work? We illustrate some answers here but want to stimulate further thoughts on the question. Plato first set out a notion of ‘the ideal city’ some 2300 years ago and the topic has been endlessly revisited. But from the conflicting thoughts of philosophers to politicians, architects to artists, sociologists to planners, there is no one agreed solution.

If we want our cities to provide homes for all, with districts that are places for successful communities while also being highly connected to the rest of the metropolis, then Bonchurch Road and Portobello Square give us a live route into the discussions of what kind of city living we want — this suggests a more dense, more intense, form of city life for all. It’s a work-in-progress… please visit. But is there something more you want to say? Please comment or view the discussion